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This is a collection of general pen and ink drawings. If I was in any doubt as to which category to put something in, it went in here.


Again, this is a general collection, however there is an infinite diversity in style covered here.

Through the Looking Glass

I have no idea if this was ever published, or even if I have the items in the correct order. I havent read this story in years! Feel free to correct me.

Mendocino Family 1

This is a wonderful series of colored pencil drawings depicting ideal family life in Mendocino county.


A very diverse collection. Many with captions.

Mondocino Family 2

Here we have just as idyllic of a subject, but more informal miniature sketches.


Just a few drawings here, but very nice work in the details.

Costumes 1

This is an immense collection of drawings titled arms, depicting costumes and armor worn by men and women from 1000 A.D. to 1600 A.D. This is just amazing. The research for this must have taken forever. I find it of great historical significance.

Costumes 2

I believe this collection is related to the above, although the era is different. However, these are more formal and most of them are colored. I would love to know the purpose behind both of these collections.

Girl who said Yes

This is a great story of a courtship between a man and woman. I particularly love the girlfriends.

Kidnap Story

Again, I have no idea if I have these in the correct order, but this appears to be your classic girl gets stolen by beast and rescued by boyfriend, except for the end gets a little confusing.